Looking for a Versatile Compact Car? The 2019 Subaru Impreza Gives You the Options to Get the Most Out of Your Driving Experience


Drivers in Indianapolis choose compact cars for a variety of reasons: compact cars typically have better gas mileage than other classes, are easy and fun to maneuver, and are also affordable. The 2019 Impreza leads the way for its class in fuel economy, has a snappy, responsive performance, and is available for a reasonable price.

You might be concerned about the drawbacks for some compact cars, such as a lack of passenger volume, the possibility of a bumpy ride, and not enough safety features. The 2019 Impreza offers a variety of features to help it not only exemplify what is great about compact cars but also to address the drawbacks with innovative solutions.


The latest Impreza offers an impressive amount of passenger room and fold-down rear seats for a variety of options for any challenge. There are 99.8 cubic feet of passenger volume, allowing for enough room for a comfortable driving for you and your passengers. The 5-door body style has a 60/40-split and fold-down rear seats that let you increase your cargo space to 55.3 cubic feet.

The 2019 Impreza now comes with EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology capabilities for even more confidence and security on the road. Subaru models that were equipped with EyeSight® in 2018 were studied by the IIHS and received the highest possible rating for front crash prevention.

EyeSight® offers an innovative set of features that helps to warn you of dangers and even takes measures to avoid or reduce the damage from collisions.


What makes the newest Impreza fun to drive and responsive? How does the Impreza address concerns of vibrations and bumps? Check out the other features that the 2019 Impreza has to offer to meet all your needs. Be sure to look at what other new models we have available as well, and of course, if you have any questions, speak with our friendly team members.

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