How Falcone Subaru Raises the Bar for Terre Haute Drivers


There's nothing better than loading up your new or used Subaru to go for a day trip from Terre Haute with your son and your dog. Perhaps you're driving a new Subaru with the latest features and a spotless appearance. Or maybe you opted for an affordable and reliable used vehicle. Either way, Terre Haute drivers have a wide selection of capable and versatile features to ensure that your day of stargazing is as comfortable and safe as possible.


"Day of stargazing"? That's right. You, your son, and your dog all enjoy stargazing before the sun has even set. But the only thing that you enjoy more than day-stargazing, is Subaru's available EyeSight® Driver Assistance Technology which has been shown to reduce the rate of rear-end crashes with injuries by up to 85%. And that type of peace of mind goes a long way when you're on the road with your Terre Haute family.

When you’re driving your son and your dog to some remote location, away from those pesky Terre Haute city lights so that you can set up your telescope and get the most out of your stargazing, you will have the assurance that your Subaru model is prepared for whatever conditions you face when the road ends with Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

You see that 'w' shape in the sky? That's Cassiopeia--wait! Nope, never mind. It's another cloud. However, Terre Haute drivers will easily be able to spot the difference between their repair shop down the road and our top-of-the-line Subaru Service Center.

At Falcone Subaru, our expert technicians have the depth of knowledge of Subaru models so that you will never have to worry about us misdiagnosing an issue or taking up your entire day performing simple maintenance.


Whatever your favorite activity may be, our new and used Subaru inventory is sure to offer something for everyone. Check out what we have on our lot and our showroom and see what will match your lifestyle best.

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