During the winter months, the roads in the Zionsville, IN area will likely have rain, snow, or ice on them. Furthermore, there is a good chance that temperatures will drop below the freezing point for days or weeks at a time. Fortunately, there are tires designed to provide maximum traction on roads and highways while retaining their shape and tread during the coldest season of the year.

Winter Tires Have Wider Tread Gaps

Tires that are designed for use during the winter months have wider tread gaps that contain snow and ice to one part of the tire. This ensures that the rest of the tire is free to make solid contact with the ground, which can make it easier to start, stop or simply keep moving on hilly or slippery terrain.

Winter Tires May Have Studs on Them

In previous decades, it wasn't uncommon for snow tires to have studs on them, and the studs allowed the tire to literally tear through any hard snow or ice that was on the road. However, they can cause significant damage when used on dry roads or highways, which is why many states and cities have banned their use.

Putting on New Tires May Be Easier Than Putting on Chains

The use of snow chains may make it possible to get maximum traction on snowy or icy roads regardless of the kind of tires that are on your vehicle. However, they can be a pain to put on and take off, and the use of snow chains is banned on some Brownsburg, IN roads. Therefore, it may be best to simply outfit your Subaru with a new set of snow tires this winter. A professional may be able to put them on your vehicle and take them off when the weather turns warm again, we have a service center that can help.

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