Mylo's Corner

Hey friends, Mylo here.  I love spending time in our remodeled dealership.  The facility has a big customer lounge offering fresh fruit, Long's Donuts, water and coffee while you wait.  There is plenty of space for me to stretch out and run around when I visit Falcone Subaru.  All of my great friends in the sales department have new office areas where the team can work with our customers.

Falcone Subaru has a kids' play area full of toys and plenty of space for your little ones to play, draw or watch TV.  Next to the play room, we have remodeled our restrooms for your comfort and convenience.  We have also added a brand new business center with wifi included so you may keep up with your important business needs in a quiet environment.  

With our exciting building renovations, you can relax and stay comfortable while looking for a new car or having your vehicle serviced by one of our factory-trained technicians.  Falcone Subaru truly takes care of family, friends and customers.  I should know as they have taken great care of me.  

Well friends, I have to go.  I hope to see you very soon!
~Mylo, signing out.            

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