No Dealer or Doc Fees at Falcone Subaru in Indianapolis

What are Dealer/Doc Fees?
1. Documentation preparation fees referred to as DOC FEES. These are fees a Dealer will charge you to prepare your paper work for the purchase or financing of your vehicle. 

2. Prep Fees. These are charges to get the auto road ready for you to take delivery. The factory reimburses Dealers for this process, however some Dealers charge you as well for this courtesy. Not here at Falcone Subaru. When you come to pick up your vehicle, it is always the price of the car, taxes and titles. Nothing else will ever show up on our paper work. (If we could get by without sales tax we would, but the State seems to frown on that one.)

3. Automatic add-ons. This is when some Dealers add on a service or protection package that you may or may not want and you get billed because it is done on every vehicle in stock. We will offer you services and products that make sense for your financing package moreover, your specific auto needs. These will always be an option and never added in without your approval.

Anything more than the price of the car, taxes and titles should always be your option, and always will be at Falcone Subaru. Where we never charge a Dealer or doc fee...EVER!

Bob Falcone
Falcone Automotive
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